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Partnering with Disarming Films, And/Or created the title sequence and over 30 minutes of in-episode graphics for the four-part HBO series, The Case Against Adnan Syed.

I helped see this project through from the very beginning to the end. I was involved in the original design ideation and story-boarding, animation, and production. I spent a lot of time tracing handwriting, drawing maps of Baltimore, and making a to-scale timeline of events.

Please don’t ask me if I think he did it or not. I have no idea.

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Client: Disarming Films
Studio: And/Or Studio
Role: Design & Animation
Team: Kelli Miller, Nika Offenbac, Diana Mandelare-Au, Olga Povarchuk, Mike Batista, Larisa Martin, Elliot Blanchard, Diksha Watwani, Crosby Ignasher, Matt Hixon